Which model should I choose?


Over 150 different models, available with 3 different resolutions, 3 different magnification factors, long working distance or standard working distance. In composite or metal housing, with exchangeable caps or fixed caps,with polarized light, UV, IR or standard lighting.

To help you choose the right Dino-Lite model we can give you a customized advice, by e-mail. Just fill in as many of the questions as you can and you will get a concise and hands-on advice. Of course you can also call us if you prefer.

If you are not located in Europe (including Turkey, Russia/CIS countries and Israel) - please contact Anmo Electronics through the corporate website at:

In which Industry/Business sector do you operate?

Please describe the object(s) / type of material(s) you would like to examine

What is the largest and smallest feature or object you would like to examine?

Please describe your application in detail and provide details of any specific problems you are trying to solve with the equipment

Do you need software functionality such as image capturing and measurement, or do you only need a real-time observation tool without software interface?

Do you intend to work under the microscope (assembly/repair)? Do you require a specific working distance between the object and microscope?

Do you need a special light source such as Ultraviolet or Infrared and if so what excitation wavelength is required?

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